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Our Process

Steps for us to help you

We have a six-step process that is designed to help our clients succeed.

  1. Life Cycle Assessment: Georgetown Lawley Group will review your financial background and financial values. We want to know about your financial objectives and your risk tolerance. We also cover your experiences with past financial advisors, mistakes and successes as well as your future financial commitments.
  2. Asset Inventory: We list all your assets, the owner’s name and beneficiaries. We also want to take a look at your tax return, your cash flow and debt analysis.
  3. Holistic Discovery: This is a non-financial overview so that we can understand your family tree and legacy planning, including philanthropic or charitable donations. Tell us about your health and health care proxies. Do you have a will? Do you have a trust? These are non-financial profiles that don’t really have an effect on the dollars on paper, but they show us how those same dollars can affect your future, your children's future, and your grandchildren's future.
  4. The Roadmap: Where do you want to be in ten and fifteen years from now?
  5. Implementation: We make an action-based timeline that is a fairly easy and mechanical process for you. Our professionals do all of the behind the scenes activity to rearrange your assets and rebalance them to where they are, in all probability, most suited for you going forward.
  6. Navigation: This is where we monitor and re-establish moving targets and objectives using dynamic strategies. This is what we cover in our meetings and communications. As we achieve certain goals and objectives, we are going to have to replace them with new, more current goals and objectives.