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Financial Planning FAQ's

What are the potential benefits of using a full-service firm such as Georgetown Lawley Group, Inc.?

  • As investment advisor representatives with Osaic Wealth, Inc. we specialize in offering our clients` professional investment advice and service. Our advisors constantly research the market to make recommendations that meet the specific requirements of individual portfolios.

Are stockbrokers registered?

  • All stockbrokers must be registered through the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), and registered in each state in which they conduct business. Many of Georgetown Lawley`s advisors also have multiple securities registrations and insurance licenses, so they are qualified to offer financial advice on a broader scale.

What about determining my investment needs and my tolerance for risk-taking?

  • First, find a broker with whom you feel comfortable discussing your investments. Georgetown Lawley Group is a full-service firm providing multiple levels of service. This means you`ll find someone who is right for you and who will have no hesitations about answering your investment questions and helping you determine what strategy - short-term profits, long-term growth, steady income, and/or tax savings - is best for you

Myth: If I invest in stocks, I can lose all my money

  • Fact: A diversified portfolio is a key to reducing overall risk. History shows that, except for the years 1929 and 1973, during any three to five year period the lowest return a diversified portfolio yielded either equaled or exceeded the money market rate at that time. At Georgetown Lawley Group we continually study the market and the allocation of assets in a client's portfolio to help increase their potential return with the least risk possible.


    Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Myth: Everyone is doing well in the stock market these days. I can invest my money better than a broker at any firm and I can do it from my home computer.

  • Fact: Unless you're sitting by your computer 24/7, it's unlikely you're a true student of stocks, bonds, and other investments. Financial Advisors at Georgetown Lawley Group are educated and skilled in these areas. To borrow a phrase from one popular television commercial -- "we live and breathe this stuff!" We feel, investors' emotional attachment to their money, and in some cases certain stocks, strongly indicates they may not do well investing on their own. Also, life's daily distractions can take a toll on a self-investor's best intentions of buying or selling stocks in a timely manner. As the saying goes "timing is everything" and poor timing in the market can be financially disastrous.

Myth: It's better to go with a big firm - one I hear a lot about - with many brokers.

  • Fact: While many large brokerage firms provide adequate investment advice to their clients, many consider portfolios under $1 million "small potatoes." So it's not uncommon for people with that size portfolio to get lost in the shuffle. Georgetown Lawley Group prides itself on giving clients the individual attention they deserve, whether their portfolio is $50,000 or $5,000,000.

Myth: A stock broker may not deal ''fair and square'' with me - they may place their concerns above my own.

  • Fact: Stockbrokers have a fundamental and legal responsibility to deal fairly with all clients. Securities industry rules require high standards of honesty and integrity. Self-regulatory organizations impose high standards and principles. As registered representatives and investment advisors of Osaic Wealth, Inc., those of Georgetown Lawley Group have the responsibility to always place the interests of the customer first. Our long history of doing that is proven by our high client retention rate. Our only goal is to meet the investment needs of the client.