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Joe Curatolo’s Publications - Financial Planning Articles

Who Gets What: A Guide to Estate Planning

If you didn't wake up tomorrow morning, what would happen to all of your assets? We spend most of our adult life earning and investing money to build a nest egg for our retirement. We are so focused on preparing for and funding our future we forget to think about the next step - what should be done with the assets you leave behind? This is the premise of my new book, "Who Gets What: A Guide to Estate Planning".

No matter how large or small your estate is, it is essential that you have a plan for how your assets should be distributed. "Who Gets What" is designed to help you start thinking and asking the right questions to begin making a plan for your heirs. The book covers a range of topics from basic ideas to more advanced planning and is designed to be a helpful, easy to read guide to help anyone with estate planning.

"Who Gets What" includes several worksheets to help you in developing your own plan that works for you. Click here for a comprehensive Financial Blueprint with 14 worksheets similar to the ones in the book to start your own estate plan.

"Who Gets What" features real life examples of what people, famous and not so famous, did right and wrong to help you design your personal plan.

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The Investment Train:
Choosing the Right Track to Retirement

The Investment Train: Choosing the Right Track to Retirement strives to strip away trendy investment advice to offer back-to-basics financial information. Its goal is to help readers make sure they have enough "gold" for your golden years. All it takes is solid planning and the courage to stick with your strategy even when "chic" investment temptations stare you in the face.

The stock market’s incredible rise during the 1990s made it easy for almost anyone to make money. That investment euphoria led both professionals and amateurs to take a great deal of risk in their portfolios, often following one fashionable investment after another. When the bubble burst those people lost an incredible percentage of their portfolios. However, those who created their plan and stuck with it limited their losses.

However, those who created their plan and stuck with it limited their losses.

“I wrote this book with two audiences in mind,” said the author Joseph Curatolo, who is also president of Georgetown Lawley Group.  “First, for the do-it-yourself investor seeking insight on creating a plan, and second, for someone who wants to learn how to maximize their relationship with their financial advisor.”

The Investment Train takes a step-by-step approach to help people evaluate their current financial situation, calculate how much money they will need in retirement, determine how much risk they want to take and then provide the appropriate investment plans.

The book also provides insight on help with minimizing tax implications, proper insurances, and strategies for withdrawing money from a retirement account.